Aalekh is a niche image management and political consulting firm offering the most exclusive, top-tier deliverables for its clients.

Motley of thoroughbred professionals, we bring about a metamorphosis in our clients’ public image, thoughts and actions. Aalekh offers a unique combination of benefits to help you develop the capabilities and connections you need to succeed in today professional world.

To put it straight, Aalekh changes destinies through a targeted 360 degrees image enhancement. Let us join and be with you for a life-changing experience. Be inspired, achieve excellence and make your dream become your future.


About Us

Aalekh is boutique firm offering top-tier image enhancement, PR and political consulting services. Ours is a new-age initiative led by select professionals and experts with media, bureaucracy, and management backgrounds.

With a steadfast focus on time bound results, Aalekh brings to table an amalgam of diverse competencies needed for giving an overall image edge for individuals and for organizations.


Team Aalekh

Team Aalekh is a bouquet of media professionals, bureaucrats, management consultants, Information Technology Specialist, Web Designers, Social Media Experts and leadership coaches with unchallenged collective experience in understanding image makeover, political reporting, state administration, and management.

Hands-on and driven, our working ideology is backed by experience, scientific basis, topical studies, statistics and data analysis.

Aalekh’s success is driven by its eclectic team that comprises:
  • Principals with real-time understanding and Ivy League credentials
  • Retired bureaucrats
  • Media stalwarts and PR professionals
  • Image specialists and leadership coaches
  • Specialist professionals for front-end and back-end operations
  • Digital marketing and social media experts
  • Statisticians
  • Data analysts and administrative staff



Image management advisory for individuals and for organizations using diverse outreach methods
Creative services
  • Design studios
  • Standardized identity templates
Digital outreach
  • Developing and managing web based image
  • Online perception management
  • Web outreach and marketing
  • Social media outreach
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Digital reputation management
PR services
  • Media handling
  • Media events
  • Reputation management
  • Crisis communication
Copy services
  • Speech writing
  • Political copywriting
  • Drafting for special occasions
News clipping services
Daily inputs through email on pertinent news
Think tank services - under 7 verticals with digital data room and commissioned reports
  • Policy desk – Matters for state and national issues
  • Client desk – Topical subjects related to the client’s interests areas
  • Media desk
  • Culture desk
  • Social media desk
  • New Delhi desk
  • Global desk – International affairs and area studies
Political consulting
  • Top tier political advisory with current inputs
  • One day a week sessions on state, nation, policy, business, and image enhancement
Poll services
  • Vote bank management and constituency nurturing
  • Poll analytics
  • Managing poll data room operations
Election campaign Management
  • Training volunteers
  • Tracking responses & reactions
  • Decoding opponant's strategy


Contact Us

Aalekh Consultants

Drop a line to sasusa69@gmail.com, give your contact coordinates, and our representatives will get in touch with you. Alternatively you may call Sachin Salunkhe on +91 88796 00708.

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